Eastern Frontier Auctions is Atlantic Canada’s one stop shop when it comes to buying, selling, sourcing and evaluation of assets.  With a sales team covering all 4 provinces, and resources to connect you with whatever you require, Eastern Frontier Auctions is the partner leading Atlantic companies have been searching for. Our  veteran sales team are equipped with the latest technology to not only source the item you require but they can handle the entire transaction from the beginning until the item reaches its final destination. 

With Eastern Frontier,  doing business by a quick phone call and a hand shake not only represents our personal beliefs, it is also that of our customers. Atlantic Canadians have a strong history of working together for the betterment of each other. The love we share for each province is something unique and unwavering. The closeness of family and enjoying a simpler way of life is not lost on anyone who calls Atlantic Canada home.

Business relationships run deep in the region and one can associate a person to a town or area simply by last name. These similarities between provinces are what makes Atlantic Canada so unique. Our traditional lifestyle and way of doing business along with our geography has become the envy of others around the world.

We're proud to be a Canadian company.

If we can help you find that critical piece of equipment, or sell equipment, you can trust us to get it done. When you're ready, give us a holler.